Office Assistance


Constituent Service Assistance From Congressman Davis' Office

Congressman Davis' office can assist constituents of the 7th Congressional District who are experiencing difficulties with federal agencies. Please understand that the Congressman's office cannot direct the agency to make a favorable decision.  However, a Congressional office can often facilitate a fair and more timely resolution. 

If you live in the 7th Congressional District you may request help from Congressman Davis' office by clicking here, printing out the form and filling out all of the information requested on the form.  Please give a complete description of your concerns and provide as much information as possible.  Sign the form and return it to the address on the form.

  Congressman Davis' office can help: 

  • Solve problems with Federal Agencies and Casework
  • Apply for Nomination to a Service Academy
  • Order a U.S. Flag Flown Over the Capitol
  • Request Tickets for a Capitol or White House Tour


Click here to print out a form requesting assistance from Congressman Davis' office

Click here to print out a flag order form from Congressman Davis'  office

Click here to schedule a tour of the Capitol on the Internet

Click here to learn more about tours of the White House