This Week in Washington


“I remain committed to serve the 7th District of Illinois in this new Congress”

Top issues of the week

Safe and Accurate Food Labelling

Education Stability for Foster Youth

Responsible Fatherhood

Highway and Transportation Funding Act of 2015

Adoption Tax Credit Refundability

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Dear 7thDistrict Constituent,

This is our last week before Congress goes on summer recess. I would like to use this opportunity
to review our achievement and outline what I plan on doing when we come back in September.
During August, I will dedicate myself to my constituents in the seventh district. I am hosting several
town hall meetings in the district. Please follow my Facebook, twitter, and website, for more information.
You are all invited to join me and my team. Please see the flier below for more details regarding
time and venue. If you are close by, I will more than happy to see you there.

This week in Washington…

Last week the House was heated by the debate on consumer rights as we saw H.R. 1599—Safe
and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015
. It is the bill that received much attention from both sides.
I understand the position of both opposition and advocates. It is a first step to ensure that American
consumers are treated fairly and respectfully. I am more than happy to discuss with you in details about
the legislation, so please do not hesitate to reach out. 

The Senate has taken a step to create a long-term funding plan for the Highway Trust Fund.
However, I cannot support the provision that will strip away the right to social security of many
Americans as a pay-for for the Trust Fund. While I believe that we need a long-term solution that is
both sustainable and fair, I do not wish to see any hard-working American suffers from cuts of their
benefits.  I will keep on advocating for a more viable solution.

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"Being in the minority should not undermine our will to work for the greater goods”

"Interesting conversation with Omari Hardwick from Power on empowering African American Community."

In this first session of the 114th Congress, I have introduced
a number of bills that I believe will help our communities,
friends, and families and hardworking Americans to have a
better standard of living. Recently, I introduced a bill 
H.R. 3087—Education Stability for Foster Youth Act that
would address some of the education challenges foster
youth face when they enter the foster care system and
 are forced to change homes and schools or school districts. 

Here is the list of the legislations I sponsored so far in
this Congress. You can easily access the text of each bill
and read what it exactly does by type in the bill number in If you need further assistance, please
reach out to my staffs who are ready to help you.



During the month-long recess, I will be in the district hosting several Town Hall meetings. The first one is scheduled for August 6, at 7.00 p.m. in Oak Park. I would love to see many of you there. If you wish to discuss with me on any topic you are particularly concerned of, feel free to reach my office. Your feedback on our performance is important. Share with us what you think and let us help you where we can. You are always very welcome.


Most Sincerely,

Questions or concerns, please contact us via 773-533-7520 or 202-225-5006

Town Hall Flyer (07/28/1505:22 PMET )
DKD bills 114th Congress (07/28/1505:20 PMET )

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