Why I Voted Against the American Healthcare Act (AHCA)


May 4, 2017
Statement of Congressman Danny K. Davis
First of all, the Affordable Healthcare Act is the best thing that has happened to healthcare in the U.S. since the mid 1960’s when congress passed Medicare and Medicaid. More than twenty million people in our country have health insurance coverage now who never had it before.
In Illinois, 36% of Children Receive Coverage Through Medicaid with Approximately 3.1 Million People Covered Overall. 
There are 649,000 Illinoisans enrolled under the Affordable Care Act, this bill, the AHCA, would repeal and replace the ACA.  Implementation of the AHCA will lead to a loss of coverage for 24 million people nationwide. Overall 44,296 Illinoisans covered under the ACA and 252,612 covered under Medicaid Expansion will be in danger of curtailed coverage. 
Healthcare professionals and activists have worked hard over the past fifty years to improve healthcare access and delivery and it would be a shame to have us go backwards. Practically every professional healthcare group in America is opposed to the AHCA.   
Passage of the AHCA would probably cause real estate taxes in Cook County to go up in order to keep Stroger Hospital and  its other health services adequately funded to meet the health needs of the medically indigent in Cook County. 
The AHCA will spell disaster for residents of Illinois.