Statement on Updated CBO Score on House "Repeal and Replace" Health Care Bill


May 24, 2017

The Congressional Budget Office today released an updated score on the Republican “repeal and replace” health care bill.  The results are no surprise to anyone who has been following the debate.  The aim of the bill remains the same: raid the Medicaid budget for a huge, inefficient tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.  In terms of job creation and economic growth it makes more sense to spend these dollars on health care then on a tax cut.  The human toll remains unchanged: 23 million Americans will lose their health care by 2026.  If you are older, or have limited means or should you have a pre-existing condition your premiums will soar – if you can purchase insurance at all.  What does it say about the state of our democracy when the richest country in the world, the only developed nation in the world that, cannot, will not, provide health care for all its people.  I will never accept this outrage and I am certain the American people will overwhelmingly reject it as well.