Statement of Rep. Danny K. Davis January 6, 2021


January 6, 2021
I wish I could say that I was totally surprised by the events at the Capitol today but in truth we have been heading inexorably
to this moment for the past five years.  This a shameful moment in our history, but we have come too far as a people, we have
achieved too much, we have overcome too much to go back.

At a time when our nation is gearing up to tackle the pandemic and the ongoing persistent inequalities in our health care
system in a serious, scientific, and socially just manner; when we are just gearing up to address the great economic
inequalities and the immediate economic desperation facing so many of our people which have been so harshly
aggravated over the past four years especially the past year; when we are finally getting back to gearing up to tackle the
existential threat of climate change which we have denied for the past four years; when we are just gearing up to
address the deeply ingrained, persistent injustices in our criminal justice system; when we have just elected the first
African American woman as Vice President, and have the just elected two new forward-looking Senators
from Georgia, one Black, one Jewish as brothers, our nation and the world community have watched in horror and
shock as the Capitol was invaded by a mob intent on reversing the unbroken tradition of a peaceful transition of power
from one administration to the next egged on by the highest government office in the land.

It is my hope and desire that we will return as soon as possible today or tonight to the business before the Congress:
the official counting of the Electoral College ballots so we can swear in our new President, Joe Biden and Vice President,
Kamala Harris, on January 20, 2021. Officials are addressing security, law enforcement, emergency health care, and
damage to the Capitol.  In the coming days we must turn our attention to the disinformation, the racial, chauvinist,
hateful dog whistle rhetoric which has come to distort our democracy and renew our commitment to our democratic
and constitutional rights and institutions and ensure that those rights and institutions are strengthened, not weakened
and that we draw the appropriate lessons from these last four years.

I remain confident about our future as a nation and as a Congress and our ability to reject authoritarianism and commit
ourselves to the nuts and bolts of democratic government.