Rep. Davis Statement on Trump Administration Attempt to Undermine Women's Health


May 18, 2018

Congressman Danny K. Davis today expressed his outrage at the latest attempt by the Trump administration to use hyper-partisan, anti-science, and misogynistic ideology and rhetoric to slash reproductive health care, and health care in general for women especially low income women. These extreme, inhumane views are inconsistent with the constitutional rights of women and modern health care science.  Davis fully endorsed the statement issued by the Congressional Pro Choice Caucus today:

“Today’s proposed rule confirms yet again that this Administration will stop at nothing to undermine women’s health. Anti-reproductive health extremists in the White House and at the Department of Health and Human Services have teamed up with Congressional Republicans and anti-abortion organizations to craft this policy. Not only are they doubling down on their crusade to penalize and defund Planned Parenthood, they are proposing a ‘gag rule’ on providers from referring for or even talking about abortion.

“Make no mistake, this proposed rule has one purpose: to limit women’s access to care.

“We are sick and tired of Republicans’ relentless attacks on every aspect of people’s private lives. This proposed rule demonstrates a callous disregard for the wellbeing of American women and families. From pushing an ideological abstinence-only agenda and denying low-income families access to contraceptives, to completely ignoring the rule of law and precedents established under Roe v. Wade - it’s clear that this Administration does not value Americans’ rights to accurate health information, comprehensive healthcare, or if and when one chooses to have a family.”