Rep. Davis Statement on President Trump's New Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees


March 6, 2017

President Trump issued a new executive order on immigration and refugees today.  It was released with no public ceremony which is entirely appropriate.  There is nothing to celebrate here.

The new order rescinds the January 27th order which the President declined to defend in court despite his bravado after the wave of court rulings halting that order.  The new order includes a number of changes in an attempt to address the crudest defects in the original order.  But at its heart it remains an unacceptable and harmful, heartless Muslim ban.

In the attempt to reframe his repeated public promises to implement a “Muslim ban” this order offers more “alternative facts” and generalizations about the threats to national security as justification for the new rules.  The reality is that this ban does nothing to enhance our national security.  In its attempt to walk back some of the most extreme rhetoric the new ban is littered with new contradictions regarding the urgency of implementing the ban and the rationale of targeting six specific nations.

I am certain the new order will again be challenged in the courts.  The clear record of the President’s intent, the lack of justification for the cruel extremes of this order should be cause for all Americans who view our nation’s commitment religious freedom and to reject religious discrimination as a core Constitutional value to oppose this order as vigorously as they opposed the first ban.

I opposed the January 27th order and I continue to oppose today’s order with the same determination.