Rep. Davis Congratulates the Congressional Black Caucus for 40 Years of Service


March 15, 2011
Rep. Danny K. Davis Issues Statement on the 40th Anniversary of the Congressional Black Caucus

"As we celebrate forty years of service to our nation, I am humbled and honored to serve alongside the 42 Members of the Congressional Black Caucus during our 40th Anniversary. This is a time to celebrate the progress that we have made as a Caucus and recognize those who have made and continue to make that progress possible.  We honor our founding Members still serving with us today,  the Honorable Charles Rangel and the Honorable John Conyers.

"Throughout our 40-year history, the Congressional Black Caucus has worked tirelessly to ensure that all Americans, regardless of race, color or creed have the chance to pursue and achieve the American dream. Leading our communities and country with passion and commitment, the Congressional Black Caucus continuously strives to be a voice for the voiceless, continually earning the moniker "the conscience of the Congress.

"We are at a critical point in our nation's history where all we have accomplished is being threatened and we remain steadfast in our commitment to defend and guard the change we have  all worked so diligently for.

"The Congressional Black Caucus will not compromise when it comes to the welfare of our constituents and communities. Our top priority remains getting Americans back to work by creating economic opportunity for all, not cutting critical programs that impact the welfare of our most vulnerable communities. We will work diligently to ensure our children have the ability to learn from pre-school to college. While many attempt to de-fund and destroy Health Care reform, the CBC remains steadfast and committed to defending and ensuring equal access to healthcare for all Americans.

"As we reflect on our 40 years of service we renew our commitment to make the promise of America the practice of America."