Rep. Danny K. Davis Statement on Senate Version of Trumpcare


June 26, 2017

“The CBO score of the Senate version of Trumpcare released today confirms that there is no significant difference between this bill and the House bill.  This nonpartisan analysis found that 15 million more Americans will become uninsured within a year and that number would reach 22 million within a decade. As the bill has become public additional troubling concerns have begun to surface reflecting the secretive genesis of the legislation including concerns that small businesses may be severely impacted due to new rules for state regulations.

Trumpcare is not about health care.  It is about reduicng the quality and quantity healthcare to the American people to provide massive taxcuts to the wealthiest Americans.  For just about every sector of our nation this bill would be a disaster, for the most vulnerable in our society: low income, elderly, disabled, for those with serious illnesses and for women and for children this bill could be much worse.”