March 10, 2021

MARCH 10, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC -- The American Rescue Act is a marker for moving the country beyond the COVID crisis.  The current pandemic has illuminated the extreme levels of poverty, job insecurity and exposed the daily challenges of middle class and poor Americans.

Very soon, important, and critical resources will permeate through the country.  I am pleased many of the provisions I have advocated for as a Member of Congress were in this bill including;

  • EITC expansion to noncustodial parents and childless workers
  • EITC expansion to younger workers by lowering eligibility to age 19 and including eligibility for foster/homeless youth who work to put themselves through college
  • Child and dependent care tax credit modernization to dramatically increase the amount of financial support to low-income working parents
  • Improvements to the Child Care Enhancement to States that will permanently increase child are funds to states to $3.4 billion per year and $100 million to Indian tribes
  • $150 million in home visiting programs
  • Provides technical assistance to state kindship care advocacy groups to ensure kindship care givers can access federal resources

I am also pleased the bill contains $800 million to assist homeless youth, a tax exemption for student loan relief and $1,400 in direct assistance and extend unemployment insurance to displaced workers.  In all, the American Rescue Act means $7.8 billion in critical resources for Illinois.

Congressman Davis is the Chairman of the Worker and Family Subcommitte on the House Ways and Means Committee