Davis: There is no "border emergency" and the power of the purse belongs to the Congress


February 15, 2019

The President's rambling and contradictory statement, presented without any evidence-based justification declaring an emergency over a crisis that doesn’t exist – even going so far to say today that he ‘didn’t need to do this' is wrong on so many levels and unacceptable. After failing to convince Mexico, the American people or Congress to pay for his ineffective, wasteful, multi-billion concrete wall, the President is trying a desperate end-run around Congress with his unlawful emergency declaration.  This is a power grab by a desperate, disappointed President who is going outside the bounds of the law after failing to make good on a campaign applause line, plain and simple.  I will do all in my power to oppose this declaration and clumsy attempt to undermine our fundamental constitutional separation of powers assigning the power of the purse to the Congress.